$10,000 + GST


Weight Capacity 1.8 Tonne
Lift Height 5 metres
Attachments Side Shift & Fork Positioner
Fuel Electric
Tyres Solid
Mast Type 2 Stage Clearview Mast
Price $10,000 + GST
Year 07-2024

Unveiling the Nissan G1N1, a symbol of excellence in the realm of material handling. This cutting-edge forklift, proudly donning the prestigious Nissan insignia, stands as a contemporary model that skillfully fuses power and precision to deliver unparalleled performance within industrial landscapes.

At its core, the G1N1 exhibits an impressive 1.8-tonne capacity, positioning itself as a veritable powerhouse capable of effortlessly hoisting substantial loads. Propelled by an advanced two-stage lift system, this forklift reaches an astounding height of 5 meters, ensuring adaptability across a diverse spectrum of tasks. The incorporation of solid tires further enhances its appeal, contributing to both stability and durability, thus rendering it well-suited for an array of indoor and outdoor applications.

Distinguishing itself with a touch of sophistication, the G1N1 is outfitted with indispensable attachments – the sideshift and fork positioner. These augmentations elevate the forklift’s material handling capabilities, introducing a realm of unparalleled convenience and efficiency. Whether navigating through confined spaces with the sideshift or precisely placing loads using the fork positioner, the G1N1 emerges as a versatile and indispensable asset in optimising operational processes.

With a modest 1320 lift hours and 1430 drive hours, the G1N1 stands as a paragon of longevity and reliability. This low usage translates to years of dependable service, assuring businesses of a durable and resilient investment. The allure is further heightened by its accessible price point – a mere $10,000 plus GST. This exceptional convergence of quality and affordability positions the G1N1 as an irresistible choice for businesses seeking top-tier performance without imposing a financial strain.

Seize the golden opportunity to elevate your operational prowess with the Nissan G1N1, where power seamlessly intertwines with precision, all encapsulated within an exceptional price point. Do not let this chance elude you – make the strategic investment in excellence and transform your material handling capabilities with the unmatched prowess of the Nissan G1N1. This forklift transcends mere functionality; it represents a strategic partnership in propelling your business towards unprecedented heights of efficiency and success.

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