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Secondhand Forklifts Sales & Service offers an affordable, on-site forklift tyre replacement service. Tyres are essential for the safe operation of your forklift, and are often neglected by owners or operators. We offer a range of different tyre solutions for every forklift and budget

  • Solid Tyres

    Often referred to as puncture-proof, solid tyres are the most common type of forklift tyre. Made from solid rubber, they are valued for their long life, as they can be re-grooved many times while remaining within their wear limits and offer a good balance of shock absorption and longevity.

  • Pneumatic Tyres

    Pneumatic tyres are similar to a car or truck tyre. They contain an inner tube and inflating valve. The best option for gravel or rough ground, pneumatic tyres offer the softest ride but the shortest operational life. They are great for customers on a tight budget, being around 60% of the cost of solid tyres

  • Cushion Tyres

    Cushion tyres are only suitable for indoor or flat, level hard surfaces. They are made of a very hard rubber compound and are quite thin compared to solid tyres. They have a long life due to their hard compound, but cannot be re-grooved. Because of the integrated steel band, they are the most costly type of tyre to replace, however they offer the longest lifespan.

  • Urethane tyres

    For walk behind stackers, reach trucks and other lift equipment, we offer a range of press on urethane wheel replacements. Designed for indoor use, the urethane is very hard wearing and offers a smooth, consistent ride but with little to no shock absorption.

Instead of replacing your solid tyres with expensive new tyres, why not try re-grooving? If your solid tyres still have plenty of wear, but are slipping in daily use, we can groove new tread into them at a fraction of the cost of normal tyre replacement. Try it today and save your money – we can travel to your factory and re-groove your tyres for as little as $40 per tyre.

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On site fitting truck service – we come to you!

Because down time is critical to your business, we offer on site replacement of all forklift tyres. This saves you time and money in freight bills. Forklift tyres need to be pressed on and off using a truck mounted tyre press. Our trained technicians can replace four forklift tyres and dispose of your old tyres within an hour. And because we know that your customers can’t wait, we offer next day service right across Melbourne and the surrounding areas. Give us a call today on 03 9723 9306 and we’ll be happy to help you with a fixed price quote including removal, fitting and disposal of your old tyres.

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