At Secondhand Forklifts Sales and Service, we supply high quality OEM and aftermarket parts for forklifts of all makes and models. If you need something specific, we are happy to supply it to you directly or supply and fit at your premises.

Here is just some of the things we can supply:

Battery Replacement

Rejuvenation and replacement of starter batteries, walkie stacker / pallet mover batteries and 24 / 36 / 48 volt traction batteries

Engine & Transmission Parts

Clutchpacks, brake shoes, master and slave cylinders, VRS kits, seal kits, keyswitches


Hydraulic oil, gear oil, IC or diesel engine oil

Safety Equipment

New Seats, seat belts, logbooks, safety stickers, manufacturer stickers, reverse beepers, flashing lights, driving lights, indicators lights

There are many more parts we can supply, and we always do our best to fulfil our customer’s requirements, no matter how old the unit or how obscure the part. Please contact us today on 03 9723 9306 to let us help you.

Forklift Parts Request

Need something for your forklift? Let us know what model it is and we'll track down the part for you and get you a great price.


Not everyone wants to use their hard-earned cash to pay for machinery. We now offer a flexible weekly repayment schedule finance solution that allows you to pay down the capital cost over 12 months. Then you can return the forklift, purchase it at a much reduced rate or continue to rent at a discounted rate and own it outright after 3 years. The best part is fast approval and no financial history requirements – perfect for those just starting their business.

We also offer conventional finance solutions through vehicle and equipment finance. They specialise in the industrial equipment industry and can guide your company through to the other side with the forklift you need to get the job done.