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Used forklifts for sale

Secondhand Forklifts Sales & Service offers a wide variety of high quality used forklifts and materials handling equipment. From the smallest pallet truck to the largest container handling forklift, we have it here, and if we don’t then we will source it to your exact specifications.

Our forklifts are fully refurbished by trained forklift mechanics, who go over every unit from top to bottom, replacing any worn components, fluids and filters necessary. We then repaint the forklift and put new stickers on to bring the forklift to full OH&S compliance.

From 1 to 20 tonne, we can get all sizes and specifications of used forklift for you. Please give us a call on 03 9723 9306 with your specific forklift requirements and we’ll find the right unit for you.

Yale forklift 7 tonne compact & Great in tight areas
Now $38000.00 + gst ono – Be quick it won’t last

7 Series Toyota Forklift
2.5 Tonne with Container Mast

Clark 2.5 Tonne Forklift Fully serviced ready for work Auto $4800.00 + GST ono

Toyota 1.8 tonne container mast 3 wheel great in tight spots Brand new Battery $13900.00 + gst

Toyota Electric Forklift 2.5 tonne Non marking solid Tyres Auto 12 month warranty Low hrs $16900.00 + gst

Auto 12 month warranty special price Was $12900.00 + gst Now $ 8400.00 + gst

2004 Model 4.5m 2 stage mast Side shift Solid Tyres 5000 hrs Approx Auto $19000.00 + gst ONO

Non marking Tyres Auto Excellent Condition 2 year warranty $11900 + gst

Linde forklift 1.8 tonne Electric forklift 4.9m lift Side shift Solid Tyres Excellent Battery $9000.00 + gst

Toyota 2.5 container mast 2005 Side shift 4.7m lift Auto LPG 4600 hrs $16500 + gst 12 month warranty

Nissan 3 tonne j series 3 stage container mast Side shift Solid Tyres Auto LPG $15,500 + gst Ono

Toyota 7 series 1.5 tonne 3 stage container mast Side shift Solid Tyres Showing 400 hrs 12 month warranty $14900.00 + gst Ono

TCM 2.5 tonne 3.7m lift Auto Nissan running gear Solid Tyres $5250.00 + gst

Linde 1.8 tonne Side shift 4.2m lift 2 stage clear view mast Solid Tyres all terrain $7500.00 + gst

Manual push and electric lift walk behind stacker – just $1800 plus GST

Crown high lift container compatible walkie stacker. now just $5600 + GST

Full width carriage

$26000 + gst

Hyster 2.5 tonne 2005 3 stage container mast 4.7m lift Solid Tyres Side shift Auto Low hrs $16000.00 + gst Ono 12 month warranty

Hyster 2.5 tonne 2004 Model 3 stage container mast 4.3m lift Solid Tyres Side shift Auto Low hrs $15400.00 + GST 12 month warranty

Komatsu 2.5 tonne Late model Low hrs Auto 3.7m lift LPG 12 month warranty Brand new tyres $12500.00 + gst

Nissan 2003 2.5 tonne 3m lift container compatible Great battery Side shift Cushion Tyres Best Price $8000.00 + gst

TCM 4 tonne container mast 2005 model 3 stage container mast Side shift Pneumatic Tyres Low hrs LPG 12 month warranty Was $29000.00 + gst Now $26000.00 + gst Priced to sell

Komatsu 2.5 tonne Auto 4.5m lift LPG Side shift Solid Tyres A1 mechanically $7800.00 + gst

Toyota 2.5 tonne 2004 4.5m 2 stage mast 2400 hrs Auto Side shift Solid Tyres 12 month warranty $12500.0 + gst

Hyster 2005 model 3 tonne Auto 3 stage container mast Side shift Solid Tyres Low hrs A1 condition $18500.00 + gst 12 month Warranty

Clark forklift 2004 model 3 tonne 2 stage 5.1m lift (rare) Auto New solid Tyres Side shift Low hrs 4 valve Fully refurbished LPG 12 month warranty $16000.00 + gst ono

Clark 4.5 tonne forklift Auto 2 speed Pneumatic Tyres LPG 4m lift Hight No leaks Excellent yard truck 12 month warranty $12000.00 + gst

Hyster 5 tonne Rotator Auto LPG Dual wheels $38000+gst

Crown walkie stacker Electric lift Manual push New Batteries $1400.00 + gst

Affordable Reach

$6500 + gst

Affordable quality

$5250 + gst

TCM 2.5 tonne Great yard forklift Nissan engine Auto Pneumatic Tyres 4m lift LPG $4800.00 + gst