5 Tonne Diesel Toyota Forklift

A pinnacle of diesel power and precision, tailored for your heavy-duty material handling needs.

Equipped with advanced features including Side Shift, Fork Positioner, and Toyota’s cutting-edge S.A.S (Safety And Stability) system, this forklift ensures unparalleled safety and performance.

New Forklift for sale 5t Diesel

New Forklift for sale 5t Diesel Make: Heli Model: cpcd50-m4g3 Serial no: 010503b5829 Capacity: 5 tonne Mast: 3 stage, 4.5 metre lift Transmission: Automatic Prod year: 2023 Engine: Mitsubishi Fuel: Diesel Attatchments: Side Shift and Fork Positioner Tyres: Solid puncture proof L.E.D headlights Suspension seat Over shoulder warning horn All safety options onboard Indicators Strobe

New Forklift for sale 3.5t LPG

Make: Heli 3.5 tonne
Model: cpqyd35-rc1h
Capacity: 3.5 tonne
Mast: 4.5 metre lift
Fuel: LPG
Tyres: Solid puncture proof
Transmission: Automatic
Tynes: 1070
Engine: Nissan
Attatchments: lift, tilt and side shift and Forkpositioner
Suspension seat with pressure switch safety function
Over shoulder warning horn
All safety options onboard
Strobe light
Aus Ops
Can be road registered
Will pass any test
Warranty: 2 years
HOURS: 0 + Pre delivery

New forklift for sale 3.5t All Terrain

New Heli 4 x 4 All terrain
Model: CPCD35-W3Y4G3
Transmission: Automatic
Fuel: Diesel
Mast: 4 Metre three stage clear view
Attachment: Side Shift & Tilt function
Capacity: 3.5 Tonne
Tyres: All terrain Pneumatic
Quick release fittings to be fitted
20 Litres of Diesel will be supplied
All Pre Delivery works will be performed
Two year warranty
New Forklift for Sale
This All Terrain Forklift will get you moving.
With it Diesel Powered Engine and 3 Stage Clear-view mast, you will have your job done quick & reliable.

Manitou Used Forklift Buggy 2.5 tonne

Used Forklift Manitou All Terrain

Make: Manitou 4×4

Model: 4M20HP
Serial: 142776
Capacity: 2.5 tonne
Mast: 3 stage, 3.6 metres
Fuel: Diesel 
Tyres: Pneumatic 
Transmission: Automatic
Prod year: 1999
665 Hrs
Forklift will come fully serviced, workshop tested, safety tested and detailed/painted 
Forklift will be provided with a 3 month warranty. 

Heli G3 3 wheel lithium battery electric forklift

Description These brand-new Heli forklifts have next-generation lithium battery packs. Featuring incredible power, long life and shorter cycle time than comparable lead acid battery packs, Heli G3 Series will work longer and harder for you and your business. The three wheel setup allows for incredibly tight turning circle and fantastic vision and manoeuvrability. Features Large